Massage Therapies

Our Massage & Bodywork Modalities 

Our team is comprised of highly trained, experienced, and licensed massage therapists. If massage is a new experience for you, rest assured that Healing Hands provides outstanding professional massage services in a safe and comfortable environment. Employing various manual bodywork techniques within the scope of clinical massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and Swedish Massage modalities.

.Our therapists work with each patient, carefully evaluating the mechanisms involved with your problem areas, and identifying the proper combination of clinical massage techniques to best meet your needs and goals. We encourage your questions and are happy to provide reports to your healthcare provider, as we have a great working relationship within the medical community. Talk to your healthcare provider about whether or not massage therapy could be helpful for you!

The key to successful massage experiences lies in your communication with your Massage Therapist. We want you to enjoy your visit and be able achieve the highest levels of comfort and relaxation as possible. Please remember that Healing Hands will ALWAYS work within your specific pressure tolerances and our practitioners appreciate knowing if pressure being applied needs increased or decreased.