Mandi Denning, LMT, BCTMB, Owner

Mandi Denning portrait


LMT Washington State | MA00019018

Licensed Massage Therapist Idaho State | MAS-2950

Board Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork: 398949-00

Background & Specialties

Becoming a Licensed Massage Practitioner in 2003 and founding Healing Hands shortly after, Mandi continues to find great satisfaction in helping clients achieve wellness goals, improved physical function, and increased quality of life. She compassionately listens to client concerns and enjoys integrating a variety of massage techniques into her sessions to provide relief from pain and discomfort; her specialty is deep tissue massage.

Mandi’s continuous desire to soak in information related to many different areas of the massage profession has allowed her to gain insight and fuels her passion for educating the next generation of massage professionals through her co-owned massage school, Altura College.

SPECIALTIES: Intraoral, Therapeutic