Why Choose Therapeutic Massage?

Time to start experiencing results that go beyond SKIN DEEP?

Healing Hands Massage, LLC only employs skilled professionals committed to the highest quality of service.

Few treatments can rival the significant and powerful impact that Massage  Therapy can provide to our physical health and emotional well-being.   When combined with our regular massage to your current health regimen, you will quickly understand how massage helps to  relieve the stress and tension of everyday living and relief to individuals  suffering from chronic pain, symptoms associated with injury/recovery, and repetitive muscle strain.

Whether or not we recognize it, we are constantly experiencing physical and emotional stress on a daily basis and nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress! Most individuals have become accustomed to habitual exposure to such high levels of stress, and often forget importance of taking time to truly relax and even simply increase our oxygen intake throughout the day. As a natural deep relaxant, many patients find that massage provides them with a greater ability to relax and an increased peace of mind/calmness.

Many individuals with conditions such as: lymphoma, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, bursitis, depression/anxiety, and recurrent headaches have found that muscle manipulation provides a deeper level of relaxation and pain relief than they ever thought possible.

Studies Indicate That Massage Therapy Can:
  • reduce tension/migraine headaches
  • increase circulation
  • enhance immunity
  • improve posture/flexibility/mobility
  • enhance sleep quality
  • improve concentration
  • speed up injury/post-surgery recovery
  • decrease anxiety/stress/fatigue
  • improve overall quality of life
  • relieve muscle cramps/strain/spasms